• Complex communication strategies
  • The analysis of the target group and actions of the competion
  • Preliminary research
  • Research on focus groups
  • Selection of media suited for realistic needs


  • Formulating media strategy
  • Synergy between particular channels of communication
  • Negotiating conditions with media and suppliers
  • Purchase of media

Research and analyses

  • Preliminary research
  • Television, radio, web and press research
  • Telemetric research
  • Consumer research
  • Analysesand expert opinions


  • Concerts and mass event
  • Gala events and company events
  • Promotional events
  • Fairs and conferences

Production and creation

  • Production of television and radio spots
  • Production of web spots and banners
  • Production of advertising creations
  • Production of banners, leaflets and advertising materials

Public relations

  • Shaping the image
  • Selection of the target group
  • Proper processing of information
  • Creating trust and effective communication

Our client is the most important client

Our client is the most important client

Our client is the most important client


About us

Who we are?

We are an agency which has been engaged for many years in widely understood communication and promotion, but above other things we are a group of specialist who have perfect knowledge about media and advertisement campaigns.
When creating our agency we determined that we do not have to be the biggest one on the market, but we want to be the most and most original in our activity. Be innovative – create something different! - this motto of Richard Branson is what we heeded when we started working for our first client, and we heed it to this day.


A good communication strategy cannot be established in one day. It is the second principle which we heed and which we promote among our clients. A good advertisement campaign requires research, analyses and preparation in order to communicate with a relevant group. Only such campaign has a chance of success.
We do not act in order to quickly spend the money of the client but to spend it in such way in order to achieve the maximum of communication effect in most cost effective manner. This is our third principle. We believe in the effect of synergy and we aim to connect together all channels of communication in order to create a coherent whole out of them so that they provide the best advertising effect. The fact that our clients have cooperated with us for years confirms that we heed good principles in our activity.


We assume that each campaign – lesser or greater – should be above everything beneficial for the client. We always measure our success by the business success of our clients.
An effective advertising campaign is based on good communication. Not only in media, but above everything else between the agency and the client. Our foundation to build an appropriate strategy for media communication is to learn about our client, his goals and needs in a deep and detailed manner.

Many companies from Poland and abroad have trusted us. We also invite you to do so!

Cooperate with us


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